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New Construction
Pre Sale

Reehlco specializes in building the next generation of truly custom, gold fortified homes. We believe that each home should have its own individual identity reflecting its owners’ vision and needs. When first meeting with a client on a new project, a lot of time is spent getting to know the family and getting a feel for how their home needs to complement their way of life.  We want every aspect of the home to seem intentional and cater to its owners.

New Construction
For Sale

Reehlco makes a strong effort to have a presence in the more prominent developments scattered throughout Baldwin County. We really enjoy building our own custom homes to sell from the standpoint we have the freedom to use different products we have been wanting to incorporate into our homes. Our goal is to give these homes a unique yet timeless look that appeals to all generations and suits a wide range of needs.

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Renovations & Additions

Reehlco enjoys a challenge. A lot of the time that is exactly what these jobs are. Whether a house is not suiting a family’s space needs, a look they want to achieve, or maybe it has issues they are unable to solve. We enjoy coming in and assessing the situation and helping devise a plan to make a house suit a family better and function at its full potential.



Reehlco Custom Homes was established in Fairhope, Alabama, in 2015.  Cameron grew up in the real estate and home building industries and developed a strong passion for both at an early age.


After graduating from the University of Alabama, he began his career working under other custom homebuilders and soaking up all the knowledge he could. During this time, he keyed in on the tireless dedication it takes to bring a truly Custom Home to fruition, as well as the importance of a strong, transparent relationship between the client and the contractor. Those lessons learned are the foundation that Reehlco is built on.


Reehlco Custom Homes specializes in building the next generation of Gold Fortified Homes in Baldwin County. Cameron and his team take pride in having a hands-on approach throughout the entire process and making sure that their fingerprints are on the finer details that give each home its identity. 


Cameron has put a strong emphasis on surrounding himself with the best partners to provide the top resources, finishes, and experience for his clients. 





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Head Office

24190 US Highway 98
Fairhope, AL 36532

Tel: 251-605-2915

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